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>New Coal Carrier Enters Domestic Coastal Service for JERA

New Coal Carrier Enters Domestic Coastal Service for JERA

On July 31, the carrier of coal Ushio, the one NYK had organised from Honda Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. was transported at the Saiki Shipyard. A naming function included Masato Mizutani, executive officer, head of fuel operation management group of JERA, Nobuhiro Kashima, managing executive officer of NYK, and several other parties.

This vessel was the first coal carrier for regional coastal transport by JERA. The ship ought to be managed by the NYK Group Asia’s Pacific Marine Corporation with the transportation contract between JERA and NYK as its basis. The vessel will be a source of secondary transportation to deliver coal overseas. This is done from a relay station on Tokyo Bay to the Yokosuka Thermal Power Station. The structure of the vessel is environment-friendly and helps reduce dust during the discharging procedure with the help of a hatch cover.

The NYK Group offers services that flawlessly link the overseas shipping and regional coastal shipping by the function of this ship and accomplish an effective secondary transportation network within Tokyo Bay to support a stable energy transport system.

The handysize bulk vessel Razoni goes from the Odesa port due to the authorization of the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC), founded under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

The first ship which transported Ukrainian grain to global markets since Russia’s invasion barricaded exports over five months ago is on the right compass to harmlessly dismount in Istanbul on Tuesday night.

Turkey foresees that until the safe passageway agreement is in place, one ship of Ukrainian grain will leave the port each day. However, the United Nations has alerted people of the possibility of famine due to the war crisis in Ukraine. And has ordered the involved parties to be alert in terms of all and any activities that may bear heavy in the future.

The leaving of the ship from the port is considered to be a positive sign, however it is too soon to make a concrete decision according to the Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskiy.

According to Turkey’s representative located at the port to see to all the departing exports said that the only issue had been due to bad weather and nothing else. The ship which had 26,527 tonnes of corn was supposed to stop at Istanbul at around midnight local time.

There it will be interpreted and analyzed by Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and U.N officials under the safe passage agreement before keeping on track to the Lebanese port of Tripoli, where it will complete its journey.

However, there is the possibility of many other issues before the grain can be permitted to leave the port, including clearing dea mines and making a framework for ships to carefully enter the conflict zone and pick up cargoes.

Ukraine expects to export 20 million tonnes of grain stored in silos and 40 million tonnes from the ongoing harvest, first from Odesa and nearby Pivdennyi and Chornomorsk to aid in emptying the silos for the new stock.

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