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Marine Soundproofing Company Deerfield Beach

Yacht Soundproofing insulation

Marine Soundproofing Company

A quiet boat is a great place for peace and relaxation. Its the perfect place to have beautiful time with your friends and family. When your yacht or boat has unecessary and annoying noises it really does take away from the entire experience. Most boaters complain about the noise from the engine room. It's really a bummer to have to shout and talk in a loud voice is so annoying and tiring. Some of the annoying sounds are:

  • - the generator
  • - the air conditioning system
  • - the lapping of the water

Soundproofing is the way that you improve you experience and reduce noise. You will find that being on the water is great for the body and mind.

What is the News and Blog:

The progenitor of Solar-powered boats

The boat is a reference point for solar-powered boating. Heike and Michael Köhler, experienced sailors and committed environmentalists, founded the company in 2004. Over the next half a decade, they measured the amount of energy produced and used on each trip, no matter how short or long, to figure out the best combination for electric propulsion with an entirely onboard energy supply.

After traveling 15,000 nautical miles in quest of information, they were prepared to construct their first entirely solar-powered, self-sufficient bluewater catamaran, the Solarwave 46. It was then time to put the boat through another half a decade of testing on the European rivers, the Black Sea, the Aegean, and the fabled Mediterranean.

Battery capacity of 225 kWh, two 250 kW motors

The first Silent-Yachts catamarans that Captain Miller skippered were at the start of 2019 when he sailed again from the Bahamas to Florida. His boating expertise informs the company's design advancements. “There are noticeable changes to the aesthetic and design of the boat "You can clearly see and feel the improvements in every boat after that 64," he claims. The greatest boat Silent-Yachts has ever constructed, in my view, and unquestionably the best I have ever commanded.

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